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Comfort Challenged -- NC-17 | 25K
Summary: No bosses, no microphones, no sleep...wouldn't you? Zoe (Spooks/MI-5) and Sark (Alias) answer the Spy Crossover Extravaganza. (Oct. 26, 2003)

Getting Harder to Breathe -- NC-17 (m/m slash) | 27K
Summary: Tom's having a crisis; Sark's got some downtime. Another Spooks/MI-5/Alias answer for the Spy Crossover Extravaganza. (Nov. 18, 2003)

A Plot was Hatched -- PG | 9K
Summary: Plans are afoot. For Celli's birthday. Sports Night, Alias, PotC, and Stargate (sort of) (July 22, 2004)

A Good Hand -- PG | 12K
Summary: Kindness goes a long way. Firefly/Stargate, written for an unfilled request in the Multiverse2004 ficathon. (Aug. 16, 2004)

Mysterious Happenings -- PG | 8K
Summary: John and D'Argo in a slightly different world. "Write in the style of a famous author" challenge for Farscape Friday. In a moment of insanity, I went with Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. (Aug. 28, 2004)

Without Open Arms -- PG | 7K
Summary: Unexpected, and possibly unwelcome. S2 Atlantis and S9 Stargate. For Ellen, who requested Sheppard and Vala. (Feb. 4, 2006)

The Zombie Ate My List -- PG | 11K
Summary: What was making Earl more homesick than that one time he'd gotten sober in Mexico were the zombies. No spoilers for My Name is Earl beyond the premise. Post-movie for Shaun of the Dead. (May 2, 2006)

Climb, Pursued By Wolf -- PG | 10K -- NEW
Summary: Of vacation, pretzels, and hungry fuzzy animals. Crossover for Jenlev. My Name is Earl/Due South. (Nov. 3, 2006)

(stories of 100 words...usually)

(Challenge drabbles were for the Farscape Friday community.)

Cutting Close -- PG
Summary: "First season" challenge. (April 11, 2003)

Aftermath -- PG
Summary: "Unrealized realities" challenge. (April 18, 2003)

Playing for Possibilities -- PG
Summary: "Unrealized realities" challenge. (April 18, 2003)

A Non-Peacekeeper Microt -- PG
Summary: "Discipline" challenge. (May 11, 2003)

Hummus Isn't Going to Work -- PG
Summary: "Crossover" challenge (with Buffy). (May 30, 2003)

This Thing Called Sanity -- PG
Summary: "Use it or lose it" challenge. (Crossover with Stargate.) (June 28, 2003)

(Challenge drabbles were for the Stargate100 community. Others are standalone.)

Apetite -- PG
Summary: "Sushi" challenge. (May 14, 2004)

One Clear Night -- PG
Summary: "Lost in space" challenge. (June 13, 2004)

Even Deadlier Sin -- PG
Summary: "Epiphany or enlightenment" challenge. (Aug. 20, 2004)

Bittersweetness -- PG
Summary: "Future" challenge. (Aug. 22, 2004)

Water in the Ears -- PG-13
Summary: "Misunderstandings" challenge. (Sept. 21, 2004)

Good Idea -- R (m/m slash)
Summary: Written during a truly boring conference session. Just 'cause. (Sept. 21, 2004)


And a 2 from the Canadian Judge -- PG
Summary: Silly little drabble for the DS Flashfiction "dirty" challenge. (April 29, 2005)


quia pulvis es -- PG-13 -- NEW
Summary: Everyone breaks. For Pouncer. (Nov. 2, 2006)


First Beginnings -- PG to R
Summary: A meme went around LJ to take the first lines of stories by other people and turn out a drabble starting with that line. I wrote 11. Fandoms include Stargate, Farscape, Alias, Sports Night, Pirates of the Caribbean and Good Omens. (Posted: Oct. 7, 2004)


In Search Of -- PG-13 | 6K
Summary: Wesley, Illyria, the whole gang is there. (Nov. 13, 2004)

Battlestar Galactica

For The Good -- PG | 5K
Summary: Not a moment of rest to be had. Spoilers for 2.01. For Pouncer, who requested Roslin and Lee. (Feb. 4, 2006)

Worlds Meeting Five Times -- PG-13 | 6K
Summary: It starts in the head, and who knows where it ends. S1. For hossgal, who requested Billy and Dee, the puppies-no-angst version. (Feb. 6, 2006)

Boondock Saints

Done -- R | 12K
Summary: Together they don't just fill those weaknesses that every man comes into the world bearing, they fucking well surpass them. Written for kait of doom's unfilled request in the 2005 New Year's Resolution challenge. (Aug. 31, 2005)

Chicken Run

Goods and Services -- PG | 12K -- NEW
Summary: The second time the rats came around, they were almost a rather small late-night snack. Written as a stocking stuffer in the Yuletide 2006 Challenge. (Dec. 24, 2006)

Doctor Who

It Takes Some Convincing -- PG | 12K
Summary: Contains no Jack and absolutely no science. For Ozymandia's birthday. She asked for Nine or Ten and chopsticks. Since we've still only just met Ten, I stuck with my Doctor. (Jan. 5, 2006)


Left and Centered -- PG-13 | 7K
Summary: Kaylee has time to reflect. (Nov. 13, 2004)

Joan of Arcadia

Grass, Sand and Sparkles -- PG | 8K
Summary: Churches, parks, whatever. For Ria, who requested Joan and God. (Feb. 6, 2006)

My Name is Earl

Doesn't Work Without The Water -- PG | 7K
Summary: Does not liking water make you a cat? Early S1. For Thea, who requested Earl, Randy, and Joy. (Feb. 3, 2006)

Pucker Up -- PG-13 | 9K
Summary: Five kisses (more or less), not all of which were Earl's idea. Answer to the "five kisses" meme. (Feb. 7, 2006)


The Tattoo in Question -- PG-13 | 7K
Summary: World...capsizing...Tony...confused.... (2004)

Aftershocks -- R (m/m slash) | 8K
Summary: They didn't die, and living is good. (June 16, 2004)

A Little Damp Around the Edges -- PG-13 | 7K
Summary: Tony's having a bad day. (Nov. 11, 2004)

First to Flinch -- PG-13 | 12K
Summary: Kate and Tony get a little more from this challenge than usual. (March 15, 2005)


Progress Unfolding -- PG-13 | 34K
Summary: Don always knew there'd be a time when Charlie wouldn't be there when the FBI needed him. Written for Barkley. (Feb. 3, 2006)

Patricia McKillip's Riddle-Master trilogy

It Ends With Skies and Wings -- PG-13 | 15K -- NEW
Summary: Certainty has never been a concern before for Mathom of An. Written as a stocking stuffer-turned-pinch hit in the Yuletide 2006 Challenge. (Dec. 24, 2006)


A Question of Questions -- PG-13 | 10K
Summary: Adam had heard of Tom Quinn, of course. Not before, but once it happened; everyone heard of him, then. (Sept. 15, 2005)

Our Blood and State -- PG-13 | 26K
Summary: Never mind the glories -- they're not doing this for glory. For the k in the 2005 Yuletide exchange. (Dec. 25, 2005)

Voices Under Chaos -- PG | 7K
Summary: Masters of no one's fate. Post 2.05 (the one with the "exercize"). For Jess, who requested Tom and Malcolm. (Feb. 8, 2006)

Not To Fear Infinity -- PG-13 | 22K -- NEW
Summary: Broken agents aren't paper to be shredded, or hard drives to be wiped before being put out on the stoop and all doors locked behind them. Written for the Yuletide 2006 Challenge. (Dec. 24, 2006)


Nothing Like Perfect -- PG-13 | 24K -- NEW
Summary: He knew her well enough already that he could tell she was lying. Written as a stocking stuffer in the Yuletide 2006 Challenge. (Dec. 24, 2006)


Burning of the Past -- PG-13 (m/m slash) | 15K
Summary: Jack's back, but it's not enough. Answer to Rheanna's unfilled Jack/any request in the 2004 New Years Resolution challenge. (Jan. 26, 2004)

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