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(All Farscape stories also archived at Leviathan.)

Reawakening -- PG-13 | 30K
Summary: My first fic. Ever. Couldn't get over Crichton using the Aurora Chair on Co-Kura; didn't see how he could. (July 5, 2002)

Genius -- PG | 11K
Summary: After Lava, I couldn't resist having a little fun with Chiana and Sikozu. (July 30, 2002)

Darkness -- PG-13 | 10K
Summary: Answer to Scaperoute "summer vacation" challenge. (Aug. 7, 2002)

Chance -- PG | 9K
Summary: A quick something that floated through my head shortly after Unrealized Reality. (Sept. 5, 2002)

Pieces -- PG-13 | 40K
Summary: Knowing he had to say "yes" was harder than explaining it. Sometime after the WWL eps. (Dec. 5, 2002)

Echoes -- PG | 11K
Summary: An S4 snippet of John's Harvey-free head. (Dec. 12, 2002)

Answer of the Moment -- PG-13 | 16K
Summary: Waaay post-S4 answer to Anna's "Unconventional Couple" challenge. (April 10, 2003)

One Down -- NC-17 | 19K
Summary: Sequel to Answer of the Moment. (April 19, 2003)

Below the Surface -- PG | 14K
Summary: Looking in from Olivia's perspective. During/post-S4, inspired by cofax. (May 20, 2003)

Define Happiness -- PG-13 | 10K
Summary: A "five things" fic for Chiana. (Aug. 30, 2003)

Fine -- PG-13 | 5K
Summary: S1. Just before A Bug's Life opens. For Jenlev, who requested John and D'Argo. (Feb. 8, 2006)

Like To Like -- PG | 6K
Summary: There is a use for everyone. Between 4.22 and the mini. For Kerne, who requested Sikozu and Niem. (Feb. 9, 2006)

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