the beginning
Gifts to be Given -- PG | 7K
Summary: My first non-Farscape fic. A snippet of Sydney/Sark around The Passage. The result of a challenge about a toaster (don't ask) from Jo, which pounced on my brain. (Aug. 24, 2003)

Expectations -- R | 55K
Summary: Was a WIP between Lauren Reed (a.k.a., Mrs. Vaughn) and Sark, set after The Telling but before the S3 opener. Don't know that I'll ever get back to it, but it can end where it is and still stand on its own, I believe. (August 2003)

Should the Unlikely Happen -- R | 8K
Summary: Comfort has always been a possible answer. Pre-S3 AU snippet of Reed/Sark. (Sept. 21, 2003)

A Reason to Lie -- PG | 7K
Summary: Their choice. His decision. Sark during 3.02 and 3.03. (Oct. 13, 2003)

Lay Me Down -- PG-13 | 16K
Summary: Answers aren't always possible. An encounter between Syd and Sark somewhere out past 3.04. (Oct. 20, 2003)

Seeing Stars -- PG-13 | 27K
Summary: The full version. Sydney and Sark unwittingly do Shakespeare. Epilogue to S3, diverging after 3.04. (Oct. 27, 2003)

Nothing but the Best -- PG-13 | 11K
Summary: Sydney had always known Weiss was a good man. (Feb. 15, 2004)

Death Never Wears Your Face -- R | 6K
Summary: It hurts, until it doesn't. (March 16, 2004)

Spy Girl -- PG-13 | 11K
Summary: Public places. Sark. Children. Continuation of the Seeing Stars universe. (March 19, 2004)

Post Hoc -- R | 29K
Summary: WIP sometime around the end of S3. (Started May 2004)

Stuck With You -- R (m/m slash) | 26K
Summary: Things don't really heat up until stuff explodes. For Brix's request in the Weiss ficathon. (June 30, 2004)

Surprise Delivery -- PG-13 | 9K
Summary: An unexpected letter. Continuation of the Seeing Stars universe. (Aug. 7, 2004)

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