the beginning
All Those Looks -- PG-13 | 11K
Summary: There's more than a pretty face. Post-Childhood's End. (Aug. 15, 2004)

Friendlies Like These -- PG-13 | 12K
Summary: Frustration on all sides. (Nov. 1, 2004)

In These Shoes -- PG-13 | 6K
Summary: Post-Letters From Pegasus thoughts from Sheppard. (Jan. 20, 2005)

Damages -- PG | 5K
Summary: Post-38 Minutes realizations. Written for the SGA Flashfic "enclosed spaces" challenge. (March 13, 2005)

Gods and Other Beings -- PG | 6K
Summary: Elizabeth Weir thinking about galaxies and people and gods. (March 19, 2005)

Commune Bonum -- PG | 11K
Summary: Elizabeth's not doing what she expected in Pegasus. (March 22, 2005)

In or Out -- PG | 8K
Summary: The shield over Atlantis doesn't solve all of Atlantis' problems. Written for the SGA Flashfic "38 Minutes" challenge (written in under 38 minutes). (April 8, 2005)

Things That Go Bump -- PG-13 | 11K -- NEW
Summary: Early S1 request. It was easier for John to start getting just a little bit grumpy about the shrinking number of people who hadn't heard something go bump in the middle of a shift than to line up and shake the people who had. (Oct. 14, 2005)

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